This is the brief summary of the procedure, complete instructions are supplied with the device and procedures manuals along with stamp making tips tend to be accessible online from this website.

The first step in making rubber stamps with the InstaStamp Stamp Creating System is to print your own images onto Vellum, a transparent paper-like movie.
To produce quality artwork you need to use a laser printer, ink jet printers do not produce sharp edges which are so important within producing quality stamps.

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Water Dependent Bad film is section of the InstaStamp Stamp Making Program. This specific film is reduce to fit the size of your imprinted vellum then both are clamped solidly before exposing the bad in the InstaStamp machine.

The appliance will process up to A4 size negatives.

The unexposed areas of the negative are often washed away leaving a person with a perfect negative. If you plan to make the same batch concerning stamps over and over again you only need to make the single negative.

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Creating Rubber Stamps, Stamps Creating System, Rubber Rubber stamping Technique, Rubber Stamp Generating Guide
An InstaPlate saccage is placed onto the bad, clamped and processed. The appliance could process InstaPlate saccage approximately A4 in size.

Within a matter of minutes you will be washing away any additional polymer from your sheet with regards to stamps ready for the hardening process which is also done in the actual InstaStamp machine.

The complete process from printing your art to cutting up your piece of rubber stamps takes around 35 minutes using the InstaStamp Rubber Stamp Making Technique.