The Expert Explained How Instagram Camera Follows Users

The expert explained how Instagram camera follows users

Access to turn on Instagram camera and microphone should be only when a smartphone user activates this function, Denis Kuskov, director of the information-analytical agency Telecom daily, told the news agency “Prime”.

According to him, there were not isolated cases when in Instagram or other social networks, the camera or microphone were turned on regardless of the user’s wishes. For example, when viewing the news feed or using chat.

He noted that all the companies that have been spotted in such violations, claimed that it is an accident and it should not be.

“That said, you have to understand that by possessing a cell phone, you become a person about whom everything is known: transactions, travel, locations”

Kuskov warned.

He stressed that the camera and the microphone can be turned on in the same way. In this regard, he recommends to switch off the smartphone completely or place it so that there is no possibility to see, trace or hear anything through the microphone when negotiating or when there is a need to keep some secrecy.

The specialist urged to follow the prompts of the screen, the messages that a particular device is on, and to pay serious attention to this.

In the summer Facebook was accused of collecting biometric data from more than 100 million users of the social network Instagram. It follows from the lawsuit that Instagram developers have a tool that uses facial recognition system. It is noted that with the help of this feature they create a face template, which later remains in the database.

At the same time, the accusations say that the social network automatically scans in photos of users the faces of people who do not use the application. Facebook spokeswoman Stephanie Otway denies the allegations presented in the lawsuit.

Before that, Instagram was suspected of spying on users through the camera. Earlier than others the possible secret surveillance was noticed by the owners of upgraded iPhones.